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Piano Removal

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A piano is a truly unique piece of equipment to have at home. It’s not just an instrument that plays music. It’s a piece of art that represents music itself. No other device anywhere in the world offers the same variety of playing options. A piano can play anything from classical pieces to jazz compositions. In essence, you’ll never get tired of it. The only issue is that they aren’t simply investments. They’re extensions of the house—small pieces of furniture If you will. And just like all furniture pieces, these pianos will eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is not as relaxing as playing the piano itself. This is unless, of course, you employ us to do the removal of your older piano.

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Piano

If you’ve done any research to get rid of your old piano, you have come across a variety of choices available. However, there are none as convenient and easy as what we provide. Our highly professional and uniformed professionals take the time to ensure that your old piano is taken away from your property without incident. We make sure that the piano is taken to the most appropriate places where you’ll never need to miss a single evening’s sleep over it. Our diverse teams of experts have a wealth of experience and expertise, and no matter what the task requires, We’ll know how to accomplish it. 

Donating Your Old Piano

If your piano isn’t of any use to you, it doesn’t mean that anyone else won’t appreciate it. Perhaps it’s just a straightforward fix that needs. Maybe there is no issue with it because you’re moving to a more sophisticated model. Whatever the situation, we’re in the position to ensure that your new piano goes to the proper location. If there’s a center or family that could benefit from the use of your piano, we’ll make sure the piano is given to them. We’re in constant contact with musical facilities, recycling centers, and donation companies, working closely with them every day.

Recycling Your Old Piano

However, the piano you have had for a while may be too old to donate. Perhaps there’s something wrong with it, or it’s become unattractive. This happens over time, but that does not mean that your piano can’t be used. Maybe someone can get something from the ivory key. Perhaps the metal pedal can be repurposed. If there are components and parts of the piano that can be used or reused, you can be assured that we’ll ensure that they are used in the right way.

Why Let Us Handle Your Piano Removal

Piano removal with us is a win-win. If you decide to remove the piece from the property yourself, getting it into the dump or landfill is still the task. Then there is the additional cost that the landfill or dump will charge for disposal. With us, you pay upfront, one-time charge, and we handle everything from the disassembling of the piece to taking it to the dump and then hauling it away. We are determined to make the task the easiest for you, and that’s just how we’ve managed to do it.

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